Basketball News

by K. Kozla

The NBA lockout is still in effect and there are only three short weeks until they have to start cutting the season. In three weeks if they do not come to an agreement they might have to cut the season in half. I hate to think of the outcome if it goes past it. I will not give up hope yet. The NBA and the NBPA is trying to come together on a lot of issues that could mean serious changes not only for the players, but for the teams. There is a lot at stake and it is something that has to be negotiated carefully, but with time factoring in, there should be more working together to come to real solutions.

Other countries continue to have their seasons and our own, Scotty Hopson, has been making strides as he continues to play for the Colossus in Greece. He is doing well over there and even took the time out to text Mike Griffith about it recently. We hope that he continues to do well and shows the world what he is made of.


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