Basketball Clinic August 2011



by K. Kozla

We are proud to announce that there is going to be a Skills Academy Basketball Camp taking place in Asbury Park, NJ.  We are going to encourage children to chase their dreams  because with hard work and dedication sometimes dreams do come true.

Skills Academy Basketball Camp 2011Godspeed to the coaches, the players and the dreamers.


2012 Beginnings and Endings

by K. Kozla

The NFL Fall Season is getting ready to swing into full gear; the players have been practicing and the fans riling up.  The grass is being trimmed, the yard lines laid down and if we listen hard enough we can almost hear the roar as the team charges from the locker room and is announced onto the field. 

Anticipation is electric in the air… for some at least.

Another field of battle is eerily quiet, another set of locker rooms sit empty.  No one is preparing the court for titans to compete to cries of support that erupt from fans.  Parties have been unable to come together and the clock continues to count down to a year without the NBA.  Each tick passing without agreement is one towards an end game; one where the season might be canceled entirely. 

A bad dream is turning into a harsh reality for far too many people.  No jobs for concession workers, no jobs for ticket takers, no jobs for the people who tell you where to park or clean up after a team tastes sweet victory or the bitter defeat.   No jobs for the coaches, the players, the representatives and more.  The draft picks who clawed their way up will not reach the big time yet.  In a time when the economy needs every little bit it can get it appears the unemployment numbers will be going up.  Will the players look to other countries to continue their love of the game or can some miracle still occur?

Me?  Well, I’m not giving up hope yet.  If the politicians in D.C. could push to the wire to make the jump shot to raise the debt ceiling.  Well, then maybe the Players’ Association and the Teams can find a way to make a play at the buzzer and come to an agreement too. 

 Godspeed to those playing in the 2012 NFL Season and to the 2012 NBA year.