The Wright Way Academy Football Camp Recap

The Wright Way Academy Football Camp was a success and we here at Marshall LLC wanted to share some of the highlights for your viewing.  (Wright Way Video Clip 1 & Wright Way Video Clip 2)

We are grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful, caring young man in our midst.  Tim Wright is an example of doing it the right way through God’s grace.  We thank all of you who participated and provided your unwavering steadfast support. We look forward to next year.  More to come.
 Here’s a message from Larry Marshall:
The merging of a community is the ability to cross all sectors for its common good . Strangely enough, the common good lies in the strength of children. I believe somewhere in a GREAT BOOK I once read that our duty is to “raise a child in the way it should go, it may stray but NEVER depart ” ! I believe it’s called (THE WRIGHT WAY ) ! Funny how GOD WORKS !


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