2012 NBA Draft Recap

We here at Marshall LLC would like to offer our congratulations to Dion Waiters 1st Round, 4th pick.



It was great to see a Marshall LLC recruit get drafted, especially so early in the evening.   Attending the event was thrilling as well, the atmosphere was like an all out Block Party. Fans yelling and cheering for their favorite teams to make a good selection, then spitting out obscenities when they were not happy with the selection. It was unbelievable. I took my son to the draft and I must say that we enjoyed it immensely. My son likes to stay until the last person is drafted and the program given out at the draft allows you the convenience of writing the pick down.  My son with pen in hand wrote each pick down each player that was selected.  This year he brought a friend and the camaraderie was nice.  His friend said, “When you get drafted, I am going to be sitting with you in the lottery pick tables as a member of your family”.  As my son dreams of that being drafted into the NBA, his friends share his dreams.

Our work continues here at Marshall LLC to get our recruits to the next level.  Godspeed to all of the recruits and all of the families who watched them make their dreams reality.