More movement here at Marshall LLC

by K. Kozla

Another player who worked with Marshall Sports is in the news.  Edwin Ubiles, who recently played in the 2011 Pan-American games, was recently signed by the Golden State Warriors.   Ubiles, who was part of the Puerto Rico team that took the gold in the Pan-American games,  is excited to sign with the Golden State Warriors and excited about what this means.  Receiving an early Holiday gift is always exciting, especially when it has been a long time goal.

Edwin Ubiles from CBS 6
Edwin Ubiles from CBS 6

Godspeed to the players, the coaches and the dreamers.

Seasons Greetings

In a day and age where the holiday season comes and the world is competing for your attention we would like to remind you that this is not just the season for sports, not only the season to shop for gifts, but it is the season to remember why we do all we do.

Take the time to remember family.  Spend an extra few moments with friends and loved ones.  Give that extra little bit to bring a smile to someone’s face.  Be thankful for what you have and share with those who have not.  A country is only as rich as it’s poorest members and too often they are forgotten.  Take the time this holiday season to give thanks, give time and give love.

Wishing you all a blessed Holiday and a healthy and happy New Year!

The best to all in 2012!


-The Marshall LLC Family