Portsmouth Invitational Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Roger Brown’s for winning the 2012 P.I.T.!!

Congratulations to Kyle O’Quinn from Norfolk State for winning the the 2012 MVP!!

And congratulations to the 2012 All Tournament Team!!

Garrett Stutz ( Wichita State / Roger Brown’s )
Ricardo Ratliffe ( Missouri / Roger Brown’s )
Henry Sims ( Georgetown / Portsmouth Sports Club )
Kyle O’Quinn ( Norfolk State / Portsmouth Sports Club )
Kevin Murphy ( Tennessee Tech / Portsmouth Sports Club )
JaMychal Green ( Alabama / Portsmouth Partnership )
Jordan Theodore ( Seton Hall / Portsmouth Partnership )
Augustus Gilchrist ( USF / Norfolk Sports Club )
Wendell McKines ( New Mexico State / Norfolk Sports Club )
Kim English ( Missouri / Mike Duman Auto )
Ashton Gibbs ( Pittsburgh / Mike Duman Auto )
Rakim Sanders ( Fairfield / K&D Round )



60th Annual Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

As we are preparing for the 2013 NBA Draft, we here at Marshall LLC want to introduce some of our recruits/draftees to you for the year.

Riccardo Ratliff – 6’10” Forward – Missouri State

Jordan Theodore – 6″ Guard – Seton Hall

Both Riccardo and Jordan will be participating in the 60th Annual Portsmouth Invitational Tournament on April 11-14, 2012 in Portsmouth, VA. The Portsmouth Invitational is where the best College basketball (Seniors) from across the nation are hand selected to play in the four day tournament. Present at it will be representatives from all of the NBA teams to take a look at the draftees for not only selection into the NBA, but for the NBA Development Leagues and International leagues as well. There will be press/interviews, a luncheon and then games throughout. We are quite pleased to have two of our recruits representing us there.

As always Marshall LLC will continue to provide you with updates as to the progress of our recruits/draftees. Please check back to see how they are doing.

Godspeed to our draftees.

And so it all begins…..

Marshall, LLC  just recently approached a very important milestone. On March 29, 2012 Marshall LLC  celebrated its first anniversary on the World Wide Web. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal readers for your support. It is with and for you that we operate and we look forward to bringing you more news and more information in the year and years to follow.

As we continue to give you our views, news, and insight in the world of sports, we want to take this opportunity to give God the glory in all that he has done. We pray that our recruits, past, present, and future will become a beacon of light for others who are looking to follow their dreams. This dream became a reality for Larry Marshall who believes that God gave him the vision to help our youth to achieve their dreams. While reviewing the archives we found an article that had been on ESPN.GO.com and wanted to highlight some of his thoughts…..

Marshall describes his role as anything from “spiritual guide” to “professional liaison” to “trainer” to”counselor” to “researcher” who conducts a “feasibility study” to gauge a player’s future.

He claims he was chosen by God to teach his prospects how to flourish with their great gift.

Godspeed to the readers and to all that believe in and support Marshall, LLC.