A Holiday Miracle?

by K. Kozla
As December quickly approaches with the holidays in tow is that a miracle I see?  Well, maybe not a miracle, but we could be getting a gift as the NBA and Players Association might be reaching an agreement and giving us a basketball season!  Now it would be shorter than normal, but some basketball is always better than no basketball so we all keep our fingers crossed that the people involved can come to an agreement.  That would be the best present for all of the fans and the workers waiting to go back to work.
Godspeed to those involved with the discussions; Godspeed to a 2011-2012 NBA Season.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How long is the training over all (from the start of training through the draft of the athlete?)
The training sessions, as well as the time frames, are different as the individuals they are designed for that specific athlete. Since no two people are the same each training program is designed to address their particular needs and/or desire.

 2. Are there any upfront costs?
The cost for training is established according to the given situation.

 3. What does the training entail (types of workouts, how many days a week)?
Such information is discussed with the athlete and the school officials. This is a common practice within the industry. There are exceptions to this rule, if the school possesses the staffing qualified to accomplish such task required to properly prepare the athlete for such draft process. This situation is mostly found in football rather than basketball.

 4. Does it involve removing my son/daughter from school?
If the training is designed to prepare an athlete for the pro draft circuit being it NFL or NBA, it is necessary that the athlete leaves school and properly prepare for such draft. The training regent is so severe that no athlete can carry out successfully, both functions. The time required from training professionally and attending school is to demanding for any athlete to accomplish either goal in a successful manner.

 5. Are there any agreements and/or contracts?
There are no contracts established for amateur athletes, however on the professional level, such contracts due exist.

 6. What would happen if an injury occurs during the training process?
Training on an amateur level, the insurance is provided by Marshall LLC as third party coverage. However, if training for the professional level, such policy is purchased through the clients representation, (Agent).

 7. If my son/daughter is not going to finish college, is there any type of communication that I need to address with the school?
Marshall LLC shall assist both the parent and the athlete with obtaining the proper information to be passed on to the respective educational institution.

8. Are there any other training available prior to crossing over into the draft process?

Marshall LLC will provide general training workshops for the athletics.

 9. Who would be the main point of contact to provide information to the families?The person responsible for securing the proper information to help the family choose the right collegiate situation is Marshall, LLC. There is some important information that must be obtained before a family should choose the college that their son going to attend such as: 

  • Does the college that is recruiting my son/daughter have a winning reputation?
  • Does the coach has a good reputation and is well respected in the sporting industry and possess good character?
  • Are the coaching staff married or single and what is the average age
  • Does the coach have a stable contract and when does it expire?
  • Where does my son/daughter fit on your depth chart? How many players are charted ahead of him on your Rooster?
  • What is your style of play and how does the son/daughter fit into your system?
  • If the son/daughter needs a fifth year to complete his degree, will it be provided to them at no cost?
  • What is the school’s history concerning turning out pro athletes in my son’s/daughter’s position?
  • What is the graduation ration of athletes verses normal students?
  • What steps are taken by the collegiate program to ensure success of the athlete, if pro ball is not in their future?
  • What does your program do to help address developing my son/daughter into a well rounded individual?
  • What is the University’s or College ‘s graduation history of athletes in my son’s/daughter’s area of interest?
  • What is the field of study that the University or College is famous for?

 10. If my son/daughter is looking at colleges/universities to attend, is there someone to provide guidance during this process?
Marshall, LLC will provide guidance before, during and after the college selection process.

 11. What is the difference between a Junior College and a University?
A Junior or Community College is a two (2) year academic program where your son/daughter may secure an Associate Degree. A University or College is where your son/daughter attends for four (4) years and receive either an Bachelor’s or Masters Degree.

 12.When should a Junior College become the answer to my child’s continued educational opportunity?
This becomes a vital answer when your son/daughter does not have the proper grades and or SAT score to qualify them eligible to receive either an academic or athletic scholarship from a four year educational institution.

Basketball is coming back… to college at least

by K. Kozla

While football has been going strong (both in High School and College level as well as the NFL) basketball has been sitting on the sideline.  The NBA is still in a lock out that is keeping the stadiums in the dark at least until the end of November.  Thankfully basketball fans will have a season as College basketball is getting ready to spring forth.  The players are ready to do what they do best and the fans can’t wait to see them.

Marshall LLC is still working with and looking for players in all the field and we have eyes looking out there, but you should always keep looking because no one knows when greatness will first be seen.  No one knows when an amazing presence will first be felt.

Godspeed to the players and all of the presences about to make themselves known!