Basketball News

by K. Kozla

The NBA lockout is still in effect and there are only three short weeks until they have to start cutting the season. In three weeks if they do not come to an agreement they might have to cut the season in half. I hate to think of the outcome if it goes past it. I will not give up hope yet. The NBA and the NBPA is trying to come together on a lot of issues that could mean serious changes not only for the players, but for the teams. There is a lot at stake and it is something that has to be negotiated carefully, but with time factoring in, there should be more working together to come to real solutions.

Other countries continue to have their seasons and our own, Scotty Hopson, has been making strides as he continues to play for the Colossus in Greece. He is doing well over there and even took the time out to text Mike Griffith about it recently. We hope that he continues to do well and shows the world what he is made of.


Do you dream?

by K. Kozla

People sometimes think that dreamers are wasting their time.  That they need to get their head out of the clouds because reality is hard and reality is rough.  While reality is not always a Norman Rockwell painting, there is space for the real dreamers who are willing to put in the work and effort with the dreams.  The point of being a dreamer isn’t just to day dream and sit there, you need to dream and take action.  Don’t limit yourself,  Eliza Dushku said it best when she said, “Go big or go home.  Because it is true.  What do you have to lose?”

Now there will be bumps and rough patches, there will be long days that turn into late nights full of work outs and studying and life lessons that are hard.  I am not saying that there will not be, but what I am saying is that there are obtainable goals, there are reasons to give the 110% of yourself.  You will be beaten down at times, but you do not give up.  You do not give in. People will tell you that you can’t. People will try to bring you down because they cannot do what you can. Do not listen, do not give in. Keep pushing and working you are worth it.

Take for example Andrew Bynum.  People know Andrew Bynum because he was, and will be, the youngest person to ever be drafted in the NBA.  In 2005 he was the tenth overall draft pick in the first round of the draft to the Los Angeles Lakers where he still plays to this day.  That’s all fine and good, but that doesn’t tell us one important thing.

How did he get there?

Yes, he has talent.  Yes, he has drive, but before that he had potential.  Potential that was noticed by Larry Marshall.  In an article written by Landry Fields, we are introduced not only to a young Mr. Bynum, but his coach.  That coach who saw potential in him, who went with him all the way to the NBA draft was Larry Marshall.


Why does this matter?  Why am I telling you this?  I am telling you this because you need to know it.  You, the future player, the player, the family of a player need to know that people don’t just show up one day and walk into an arena and go ‘I’m in the draft pick me’.  There is a long road that leads you there full of work outs, trainings, school, practices with your team,  practices with other potential teams and more, but you can get there.  With potential, desire, drive and the right support systems surrounding, a talented player can get from a kid with potential to a star.

All that is left now is one question, are you a real dreamer?

Lakers Select Andrew Bynum

God speed to the dreamers