The Road Show

As the Draft Combine comes to a fantastic end you would think it was time for a well deserved rest, but instead it is time for the dedicated players to start the Road Show. Each NBA team will schedule team workouts at their facilities for draftees interested in joining the NBA. These team workouts involve 3 on 3 play, 5 on 5 play, shooting drills, and they also conduct interviews to see the potential of the future superstars. For the players who were not invited to the Draft Combine, this gives them their opportunity to show their skills to various teams. Some draftees are talented enough to be invited to work out for more than one NBA team and that is an honor that they do not look at lightly.

There are a lot of elements that go into the formula that ultimately proves successful to getting drafted: a Draftee’s High School, College, and International resume, their overall predicted potential by NBA scouts and player personnel, as well as how they get along with and how well they perform at team workouts.

Team workouts are favored by coaches and general managers who want to meet with prospective players outside of the camp environment. It is the place for players to express willingness to switch positions, come off the bench and change training habits when meeting with prospective NBA teams. A challenging issue that many players face as they leave college is finding their ideal positions in the NBA and a player who shows flexibility and the drive to improve may leap over players with questionable character in the draft.

Marshall, LLC has fourteen recruits in training. Although our recruits did not participate in the Draft Combine, the Road Show has begun. Godspeed to our recruits.

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