Mad for March Madness


by K. Kozla

Dear Loyal Readers,

I fear I must start this article with a bit of a confession.  While you come here looking for sporting information and information on Basketball and Football and what we have going on here at Marshall LLC your devoted author is a bit con.  While I understand some things in regards to sports… I know just the bare minimums of what there is in regards to this.  When I started helping with this project I joined as part of an MBA assignment.  I like words, I enjoy helping people and thus I have stayed on to continue helping, but when I work on this I have to ask questions and/or do research.

I confess to that in order to tell you this.  Recently I was having a work dinner with a friend of mine who knows sports and helps with the articles.  She was talking about upcoming ones for the site and mentioned March Madness.  I nodded and said, “The college basket ball games in March” she was pleased because I was showing promise.  She asked me to expand on what I know about it and… well sadly that was all I really knew.  I knew there were brackets and it was two sides trying to get down to the 1 game for the over all big winner, but that was it.

Now, with that off of my chest, let’s go onto March Madness.  Basically what it turns out to be is the playoffs to see who will be the NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball champions. They are played in ‘brackets’ bringing them to the final two teams.  It just takes one loss to be out of contention.   Now, for those of you who may not know, the NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association that covers various sporting events, Basketball being one of them.  It turns out that March Madness is just a lot of games in a short period of time to come up.  It will be exciting this year to see who will come up on top.

We here at Marshall LLC will be keeping our eyes on: Syracuse, Norfolk State University, Austin Peay, Marshall University, Rutgers, and Providence.

Godspeed to the players and officials!

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